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What Does It Mean To Have Your Belongings
Packed Professionally

Experienced packers can wrap your belongings faster while ensuring everything is done following all safety procedures. Top Removals’ teams are trained to deal with an array of different items and situations. We can easily disassemble or assemble your large pieces of furniture, wrap your valuable antiques or pack your office archives. As one of UK`S top moving companies, all of the services we offer are held to high standards. Our goal is to leave satisfied, happy customers, no matter the cost.

What Can We Do for You

  • Pack fast and efficient your home or business for a domestic or international relocation

  • We can come to any part of the UK to prep and pack your belongings

  • Professional packing using high-quality materials, fitting all international standards

  • Offer you a variety of different insurance policies depending on the type of service you choose

  • Competitive prices and different deals depending on the services you need us to deliver

  • Collect all waste packing materials for disposal and recycling after unpacking your belongings

What Can We Do for You

Top Removals can offer you a couple of different solutions for your home or office relocation in the UK or worldwide.

Full Packing Service

With years of experience, our skilled teams are adept and proficient in all types of packing from the smallest of ornaments to the largest of items. We will prep everything from your domestic or business property with maximum efficiency and meticulous attention to detail.

Un Packing Service

Commercial Moving Services London

Once we unload your belongings, we will unpack absolutely everything, so you don’t have to. Waste removal is included in the unpacking service, as we are licenced by the UK’s Environmental Agency. If you are relocating in London, we can arrange additional professional cleaning services for your home or office.

Packing Consultation / Materials

If you prefer to pack your belongings by yourself, we could still assist you with our expertise and professional packing materials. After you consult with your coordinator, you will receive a variety of sized boxes to ensure you have everything you could possibly need before the arrival of our moving teams.

Types of Professional Packing

Packing Materials Suppliers London

There are a couple of ways to properly prepare the belongings of our customers for the move. Top Removals’ specialists pride themselves as being extremely diligent when it comes to packing as it is one of the most important steps of the entire relocation process.

Fragile Packing

Whenever we prepare valuable items, antiques or just delicate memorabilia, we add an extra layer of bubble wrap in addition to following a strict procedure of placing the objects in the packing crates. Thankfully Top Removals’ skilled teams are no strangers to the refined art of fragile packing.

Fragile Packing Boxes

Export Packing

This type of packing is very popular with our international shipments as it will ensure the safe transportation of your goods to their destination. Export packaging is the extra layer added to your crates to protect them while they are in transit. We use it during all of our international jobs.

Blanket Wrap

It is a method of packing where our teams will wrap your items in specialised thick blankets to protect them during the transportation. We use this technic with large pieces of furniture that can’t be disassembled.

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AAA Removals Packing & Un-packing: Safe and insured

Everything we do is Health & Safety compliant. We hold a  Public Liability insurance and Employer’s Liability insurance. 

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