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Do I require an estimate from my moving company?


The quote is absolutely free and receiving packing estimate or moving quote is necessary to determine what it involves and the cost of the move. This will also help the removal company in estimating the amount of space your goods will occupy in the removal van or moving truck. You can either obtain this by filling the online quote form or just by calling us, however, the quote will be as precise as accurately you have answered. 


On an inter-provincial deliveries, the total costs are established by the size of your consignment, the distance it travels, and the number services that you select or which become necessary to handle your shipment. Charges for local move are generally calculated on an hourly basis. There may be a minimum number of hours required.


For large or complicated Moves, we would suggest a quote visit to rule out issues. Our representatives are here to help at every step of the Move, from getting removal quotes to the final finishing touches, just call and relax, let us handle your move with care, whilst you experience the reliable difference with Elephant Removals Company, the trusted Movers.

How can I be certain that the moving company I select is professional and consists of honest movers and packers who will care for my goods?


The first step in selecting a good removal company is to ask the right questions and pay full attention to the provided answers. Many of us have heard plenty of moving horror stories and scams which are mostly reported through the local area's news channels. However, if you select a reputable, registered, legitimate and a caring relocation firm with a lot of experience in the furniture goods transport industry, there will be no need to think twice.

How much does it cost to move?


The price will depend on a number of factors; for example, the season, the number of bedrooms in the home, the type of premises, the nature of the items, the stairs, steps involved, distance between parking and the main door, and the overall mileage, etc. Contact our friendly and helpful staff who will be more than willing to talk you through the process to assist with a competitive price.

Can the movers and packers at delivery address place each item where I desire?


Yes! Why not, this is one of the many qualities Elephant Removals takes pride in. Each and every one of your items will be placed precisely where you would like them to be placed, hassle free. Our staff will do everything necessary to make sure your entire move is trouble free.

Will you advise us on the easiest way of undertaking the whole property moving project?


Of course, we are delighted to help. With now over a decade of experience under our belt, there aren't many problems we have not met and overcome! So rest assured we understand the stress of a move and therefore go to great lengths to see that the most efficient service is provided. What's more, we will provide a free quotation tailored to your needs and budget. For example, AAA Removals can pack everything, part-pack (dismantling beds or cupboards) or provide just a removal service. We can also advise on 'specialist packing' such as antiques, pictures or items of sentimental value.

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