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Updated: Apr 13

How we Recycle our Plastics

our ability to Plastic recycle 100 different grades of means we can offer a plastic waste management system to clients in more than ten different industries.

We will develop a bespoke recycling solution that fulfills the client’s business needs and importantly Government legislation that can prove so costly if not fully met.

A fleet of four branded vehicles – ranging from a transit van to 38 tonne articulated lorry – completes more than 50 collection and deliveries every day, spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

We work with customers who need to recycle reject industrial parts, hardware products, wheelie bins, film, CDs and even billboard posters.Throughout this process, a dedicated account manager will be responsible for designing schedules that work for both parties and ensuring the necessary documentation is completed on time and with minimum inconvenience.

Recycling Materials


Secure Destruction

There is a growing need to ensure that sensitive information and valuable product are securely destroyed.

Toll Grinding Service

Recycled UK offers a toll granulation service, where we process your scrap/waste material and return it to you. This service includes polymer separation and keeping it in colour if required.

International Plastic Recycling

We currently process 150 tonnes of plastic that is purchased by international buyers. This material is deemed to be commercially unsuitable for the domestic market, but is seen as a usable commodity in the overseas market place.

At Recycled UK, we manage the logistics of the international delivery of plastics and are currently looking at attracting even more export business.

The Recycled UK Experience

We pride ourselves on making life easy for our clients, saving them time, money and inconvenience associated with meeting Government legislation for recycling.

By forging long-term working partnerships with the customer, we will remove all the headaches associated with waste management and actually develop new revenue streams that can be channeled back into your business.

How We Work

  • From the first call, the customer will deal with a dedicated point of contact for the entire process.

  • Recycled UK will carry out a full site survey to audit your plastic waste stream production, volumes and legal compliance.

  • Following site audit, we will recommend and supply the right type and quantity of container for recycled material. All of these will be cleaned and maintained by Recycled UK.

  • Collection times agreed with the client to avoid disruption and inconvenience.

  • We will check and measure waste, with each collection accurately measured and logging for reporting.

  • All necessary paperwork is arranged and completed by Recycled UK to ensure waste is removed, stored and disposed of under legal requirements. All clients receive a Destruction Certificate.

  • Everything is collated in an on-site file and the recycling area is left clean and tidy, making a cleaner environment for the customer.  What can you recycle at your local Portsmouth recycling centre Are you living in Portsmouth and need to visit a recycling centre? We at Just Clear want you to know about your local london recycling . give you the low down on how you can dispose of all your waste in london, ideally recycling the majority of it. Nobody wants to sit on top of a house full of rubbish or unused belongings. Just Clear can help you declutter your home from the comfort of your own.

What can the wandsworth recycling centre accept currently?  

The wandsoworth recycling centre can dispose of these items when you next visit.

  • Aluminium

  • Baths 

  • Batteries 

  • Bedding

  • Car batteries 

  • Cardboard 

  • Carpets

  • Christmas trees (as long as they are real)

  • Electrical equipment

  • Foil 

  • Fridges and freezers

  • Furniture 

  • Garden waste 

  • Household chemicals

  • Lightbulbs 

  • Mattresses 

  • Mobile phones

  • Pesticides 

  • Printer cartridges 

  • Scrap metal

  • Textiles

  • Wallpaper

  • Wood 

The wandworthg recycling centre is open 8am till 6pm, Monday through Saturday and 9am till 5 pm on Sundays.

When should you call triple A ?

While Portsmouth recycling centre offers an extensive list of items they can dispose of, they still fall short of Just Clear. Our services include the recycling and disposal of:

We additionally provide you with the ability to relax while we do the work for you. Make sure you can recycle what you want and call us on 07950655962 to get a free quote today. 

How getting us to come to you helps

triple A provides you with all the services available at the waste collection sites

Fly-tipping in london

In January 2022 we successfully helped out our local community with tackling fly-tipping. We received many calls from clients upset that people had dropped rubbish onto their property. Eager to provide a fast and professional service we arrived ready to grab everything. We take initiative and travel to you in cases like these getting rid of and sorting all the waste that was dumped behind. Our goal is to uphold our zero-to-landfill policy and that’s what we always achieve.

Man with a van in london

Another client had us clear out all their boxes after moving house. Our ability to come to your door means we can help you recycle when you are physically unable to. We find this is particularly important for our customers who do not have a working car or cannot load their waste to head to a tip. Our man and a van service start for as little as £50 taking the pressure off of you.

People we also help

Our services aid clients looking to help out with hoarding family members. london waste disposal keeps updated with our customers on Facebook. Once again during January 2022, we had a family let us take pictures in their home of the amazing job we had done removing their mother’s significant collection of clothes. After we had removed them we handed them over to the Sue Ryder Care Charity. Actions like this mean we can recycle clothes for further use.  

Whether it is just a basic house clearance in london, office clearance Portsmouth, garden clearance Portsmouth or dealing with tougher circumstances such as hoarding we understand how to carry out the job professionally. Being able to come out to our client puts us in a position to help you, in some cases, better than your london local recycling centre

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