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recycle - save water - rethink commute

Everyone is becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. Recycling is becoming more popular and people are doing what they can to reduce their daily waste. Here are some of the easy things we can do on a daily basis to reduce our impact on the environment and become greener with our lifestyle.

Turn it off

It’s something very small and everyone seems to miss it. If you go around your house, how many things in your house are left on standby? You may think nothing of it at the time, but over the years that small amount of electricity can add up to a lot. Not only is it wasting energy, but you are also throwing money down the drain. So, get into the habit of switching everything off unless it’s being used.

Rethink your commute

Although TFL have made it very easy to travel in London, we still need to rethink our daily commute. Travel can be expensive and can add a few more hours to your day. Sitting in traffic is not appealing, so what can we do? The amount of money that is going into all the cycle lanes, it’s only right that we all start cycling. It will not only cut your down your journey but will save your money and benefit your health.

Save water

We all need to learn how to save water. We all are guilty of leaving the tap running when we are washing up our dishes. Whether we are scrubbing our dishes or brushing our teeth, we need to learn to turn off the tap. It may seem like much saving at the time, but over a year it could amount to a lot. You should aim save water anywhere you can and in anyway possible. Washing your clothes is another thing that people seem to do without thinking. Try to let your clothes get dirtier before washing them as appose to washing them with a little speck of dirt.

Waste management and Recycling

With the increase in waste and its harmful effects on the environment as a whole waste management has gained critical importance. Good waste management means an efficient way of dealing with the heaps of garbage ending up from household as well as industrial activities. This inherently means that less and less of garbage should end up polluting the environment and filling up lands. Thus recycling the waste is the most effective way of waste management since it makes sure that a chunk of the junk does not end up loading up toxins in air, water and food. Let us discuss some of the reasons why recycling is an effective way of waste management.

It saves resources:

The nature is not endowed with unlimited resources. Mineral resources, oil resources as well as other resources except for natural gifts like sunshine, river water etc are all limited. This calls for judicious steps in exploring and utilising the resources. If you recycle products at home, office or factory you are certainly saving on some precious natural resource.

Recycling the cardboards and papers helps in saving trees to a large extent since most of the paper we use regularly can be recycled to make paper. Garden trimmings can be made into compost and used as fertiliser. This will save on precious chemical fertiliser which in turn will save forest, trees and precious minerals. All the tin cans, plastic bottles can be recycled to produce new cans and bottles. This will save minerals and other natural resources.

It saves energy:

Processing raw material into finished products usually involves application of more energy than is needed in converting trash into the finished product. This means that fewer amount of oil or coal need to be burnt to convert junk into usable product in comparison to raw materials. Thus you will save on oil, coal and other forms of energy which are fast depleting in stock.

It protects the environment:

Less burning of fossil fuel and less mineral exploration means a lot for protecting the environment. This means that less green house gas is emitted into the environment and less number of tree are being felled. Recycling also means that the stage of processing of raw materials is made redundant. All these contribute to protecting the environment.

It reduces incineration:

By recycling garbage you are helping to save some product from ending up in the incinerator. Incineration itself is a polluting process but needs to be resorted to in specific cases. You can reduce the amount by recycling.

It protects the land:

Much of the waste from industrial and household activities ends up in landfills. This is polluting the land as well as underground water resources. With recycling, you can save some land from being overtaken by garbage.

It creates job:

Most of the manufacturing processes are automated and do not add much employment even if production is increased by a huge margin. However, new processes like recycling which involve sorting, processing and other stages have the ability to employ quite a few number of people in the whole process. Thus recycling also creates jobs.

Natural is the way

Tumble dryers are a complete waste of energy. Your fridge is one of the main consumers of energy in your home and a tumble dryer comes second. We should go all natural and air dry our clothes instead of wasting electricity and wasting money. It may be hard at first if you are use d to crispy dry clothes but think of the brighter side. Not only will it save you a ton of money but it will retain the quality of your clothes and to help it last longer.

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